San Diego in 2015 is Looking for Your Input Regarding our Hotel Options

San Diego in 2015 wants your input on the hotel we will bid.

At this time, we are trying to wrap up negotiations with the two hotels we’ve selected as the best two options for us. But before we make our final decision, we’d like some input from the broader fannish

The first hotel we are looking at is the Marriott Mission Valley, which has hosted the two most recent San Diego Westercons (Westercon 59 in 2006 and Westercon 51 in 1998). This hotel has a compact layout, but would be tight in both function and sleeping space for a larger Westercon.

The second hotel we are looking at is the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center. The Town and Country recently hosted the 2011 World Fantasy Convention in largely the same space we would be using.

That side of the hotel has also hosted Anime Conji 3 in 2012.

Please note that this area (in the hotel’s western Golden Pacific/Royal Palm space) does not have as many access issues as the hotel’s eastern (Regency) area.

Additionally, the smaller Regency convention area at the hotel has hosted ConDor, Gaslight Gathering, Conjecture and Comic Fest in 2012, and ConDor and Gaslight Gathering in 2011.

Please place your comments in the form below.  Feel free to respond to other people’s comments as well.  If you are seeing this on the home page, clicking on the title will bring you to the main post page where you may enter your comments.

Thank You
Ron Oakes
Chair, San Diego in 2015 Westercon Bid

6 Responses to San Diego in 2015 is Looking for Your Input Regarding our Hotel Options

  • While I certainly did enjoy the Marriott Mission Valley in past years, I think it would be best to go with the Town and Country as this hotel has more space to occupy and already has a more recent relationship with SanSFiS.

  • Laurie Mann says:

    I loved the hotel in Old Town where the last San Diego Smofcon was held. Have no idea what the name was, but there were
    good restaurants to walk to from it, and it was easy to get into downtown San Diego. Excellent suites.

  • Glenn Glazer says:

    I would strongly vote against the Town & Country. The handicap access debacle from previous conventions there is well-known. Further, the general condition of the hotel is worn down. When I was last there with a fan table for Westercon 64, the dealer’s room flooded due to improper courtyard drainage, damaging my table banner and other items.

    The SMOFcon that Laurie refers to is the Hacienda ( ). It is a lovely area and facility, but I am not sure it is big enough for a Westercon.

  • Lisa Deutsch Harrigan says:

    I remember the Marriott Mission Valley as being a bit small, a bit rambling, the extra rooms tucked in strange spots, but relatively up to date. But Big Harold would probably be able to walk to things. And I have a Marriott Rewards Card, due to Loscon and Gallifrey One, this would be useful.
    I remember the Town and Country as being Way Too Big, Very Rambling, hard to get around in. Big Harold would definitely need an electric scooter, which is bad because the place in not very scooter friendly. Parties were spread out All Over the Place, T&C did NOT understand Party Blocking, making finding them difficult to find and easy to shut down due to annoying the neighbors. We ended up in a far corner away from everything. The rooms were outdated when we there years ago, and frankly they don’t look any different now, so I wonder how old the decor is. T&C is not affiliated with any other hotel/rewards program.
    I would vote for the Marriott Mission Valley as being the lesser of two not great choices.

  • Scott Norton says:

    Much of the answer depends on how many people you actually expect to be at the convention. Unless the trend of southern rotation Westercons getting smaller and smaller has stopped, the Marriott ought to be fine. Yes, some of the rooms are out of the way, but that problem is just that much worse at the sprawling Town & Country. The Marriott is also decades newer, but it still has a fannish tradition, and the staff there does take fannish conventions seriously. What Ron says about the west side of the T&C is correct, the access issues are not the same problem there as in the Regency Ballroom area (formerly the LeBaron Hotel, long since incorporated into the T&C). But Lisa’s complaints about party blocking are still valid, and this has never been a problem at the Marriott. So.. unless the con will be bigger than the last San Diego Westercon, I endorse the Marriott.
    Good luck to the committee. Ron, I think you are absolutely the right person to be heading this up.

  • Scott Norton says:

    Has this decision been made yet? If this is moot, please ignore this; if not, it is to be noted that the 1998 Westercon, also held at the Mission Valley Marriott, had an attendance of over 1100 people. We packed the place to the gills, but I think that there should be enough room for 2015.

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